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Proposed By-Law Amendments

Drafted March 8, 2016
Approved by the Board of Directors April 4, 2016
Published April 12, 2016

Pursuant to Article IX of the USSYAA Bylaws (PDF), the Board of Directors of the United States Senate Youth Alumni Association hereby publishes the following proposal to amend its Bylaws.

Proposed By-Law Amendments to
Establish the National Capital Regional Director Position and
Clarify the Requirements for Quorum

The Board of Directors recommends amending Article IV, Section 1; and Article VI, Section 12; to create a new National Capital Regional Director position:

Article IV, Section 1. The governing body of the USSYAA shall be a Board of Directors ("Board"), which shall be comprised of the elected officers listed in Article VI below, six Regional Directors, and the Executive Director. The Executive Director shall not have a Board vote.

Article VI, Section 12 – Regional Directors. The Central, Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, and National Capital Regional Directors shall facilitate communication among alumni and promotion of the Program in their respective regions. The Regional Directors shall be appointed by the Board, shall serve at the pleasure of the Board, and shall be voting members of the Board.

The Board recommends amending Article IV, Section 6, to define quorum as half the number of seated board members, as opposed to a majority. Thus, on a board with an even number of voting members, "half" rather than "half plus one" will constitute a quorum:

Article IV, Section 6. Half the number of seated, voting members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

Bylaws amendments must be voted upon during a meeting of the general membership of the United States Senate Youth Alumni Association. The President of the Alumni Association hereby calls a special teleconference meeting for the membership to discuss this and other matters of import to the Association at the following date and time:

Monday, May 16, 2016
8:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

All members attending this meeting must register at https://secure.qgiv.com/for/ussyaa/event/770546/. There is no cost to attend.