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Wake Forest law student elected to United States Senate Youth Alumni Association Board of Directors

March 14, 2010

WASHINGTON – On Saturday, March 6th, the United States Senate Youth Alumni Association (USSYAA) elected Marc Langston, a second-year law student at Wake Forest University School of Law (Class of 2011), to serve as Communications Director on the USSYAA Board of Directors.

"The Board felt confident entrusting Mr. Langston with the Communications Director position because of his legal education and extensive involvement in political communications, particularly his service as President of the College Democrats of Kansas and his previous internship with Fenn Communications, a media consulting firm," said USSYAA President David Zavadsky, USSYP Alumnus, Class of 1990.

The United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP) offers an intensive, seven-day educational experience in Washington and scholarships to high school students interested in pursuing careers in public service. Each year, two outstanding students are selected from each state, the District of Columbia, and the Department of Defense Educational Activity. USSYP was authorized by the U.S. Senate and has been administered and funded by the William Randolph Hearst Foundations for the past 48 years.

The USSYAA was formed in 1999 to continue the late Rosalie Wynn Hearst's personal involvement with Delegates, which included serving as a second mother to 3,848 high school juniors and seniors participating as Delegates in the USSYP for almost 40 years. In order to honor "Mom Hearst", the USSYAA is dedicated to building and maintaining avenues of communication among alumni, providing financial assistance for the professional educational needs of alumni, and supporting the USSYP.

Mr. Langston joined the USSYAA in celebrating former Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor's personal acceptance of the Inaugural Rosalie Wynn Hearst Distinguished Public Service Award at the 12th Annual United States Senate Youth Alumni Association (USSYAA) Reception and Dinner on Friday, March 5.

"Justice O'Connor's unparalleled career in state, federal and international public service makes her most deserving of the Rosalie Wynn Hearst Distinguished Public Service Award," said Chief Judge Robert H. Henry of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals who, along with U.S. Senator Susan M. Collins (R-ME), introduced Ms. O'Connor at the dinner. Both Collins and Henry are alumni of the United States Senate Youth Program class of 1971.

Mr. Langston earned a B.A. in the History of Art and Political Science from the University of Kansas in 2008 and attended the USSYP as a Kansas Delegate from Wichita East High School in 2004.

For more information about the United States Senate Youth Program, please visit www.ussenateyouth.org.

For more information about the USSYAA, please visit www.ussyaa.org.