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Board Proposes Bylaws Amendment to Create Position of Immediate Past President

February 1, 2007

The USSYAA Board of Directors is proposing an amendment to the association's bylaws to create the position of immediate past president. This amendment will be considered at the General Membership Meeting, scheduled for 9:00am on March 3, 2007 in 342 Dirksen Senate Office Building.

In accordance with the association's bylaws, this proposed amendment is being posted here on the Web site. This action follows an earlier distribution of the proposal via the association's e-mail distribution list.

The proposal is as follows:

The Board of Directors recommends amending Article VI, Officers and Their Duties, by inserting the following new section and renumbering subsequent sections of the article accordingly:

Section 3 – Immediate Past President. Beginning with each year in which the Board of Directors elects a new President, the Immediate Past President shall serve as an advisory member of the Board of Directors with no Board voting privileges for a period of two years unless the person is elected to a regular seat on the Board, in which case the office of Immediate Past President shall remain vacant. In addition to advising the Board, the Immediate Past President shall be appointed by the President to chair the Nominating Committee that is selected at the beginning of the second year of the term of the Immediate Past President, and shall perform other responsibilities as assigned by the President. If the office of Immediate Past President is vacant, the President will appoint another Director to chair the Nominating Committee."