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Annual Alumni Dinner Still On, Regardless of Weather

February 27, 2003

In the great tradition of the Senate Youth Program, which used to be held in February, snow will not deter us from eating. The Annual Dinner will occur, snow or no snow, low snow or high snow, at 7:30 p.m., Friday night, February 28, at 3928 Livingston Street, N.W., in Washington, D.C.

Livingston Street is a residential community in Northwest D.C., just south of Chevy Chase Circle. If it snows a lot today and tomorrow, on-street parking will be a problem. Here are the solutions:

  1. The Red Line Metro stop of Friendship Heights is three and a half blocks from the dinner. (Directions from the stop are here.)

  2. By Friday night, Connecticut Avenue will probably be relatively clear. 3928 is one and a half blocks from the intersection of Connecticut and Livingston. As you are going north on Connecticut (away from downtown), 3928 is a left-hand turn onto Livingston. It's the corner with a Starbucks. If the taxi cannot turn onto Livingston, just hike the block and a half. Wear your boots. We can do the dinner in stocking feet.

  3. If you would like to drive and Livingston becomes impassable (or if you cannot find street parking), there are three nearby parking lots.

    1. One block north of Livingston on Connecticut Avenue is a Riggs Bank at the corner of Morrison and Connecticut. It has a parking lot in the rear. Park there and walk two blocks to the dinner.

    2. Across Connecticut from the Riggs Bank is the Safeway parking lot. Park there; walk back across Connecticut; walk one block south to Livingston; take a right and come to 3928.

    3. Near the Friendship Heights Metro stop are several shopping centers, all with parking. The closest lot to 3928 is the lot for the Giant Food Store, which is on Western Avenue, one block east of the Metro stop (put another way, it's on Western, one and a half blocks east of the intersection Western and Wisconsin). If you park there, you walk another block up Western to the east; turn right on Livingston; and come down two and a half blocks to 3928.

Don't let a little snow get in the way! Bob Middleton has arranged a great dinner, so don't miss it.